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Colimix Café
  • 1 x 50 cl. – Coffee flavoured Saint Aubin agricultural rum @ 40% vol.
  • 1 box of green jasmine tea
  • 1 box of citronella herbal tea
  • 1 box of vanilla flavoured tea
  • 1 box of brown cane sugar cubes
  • 1 packet of Saint Aubin vanilla

  • Free delivery to the following countries :
    South Africa, U.K, Belgium, U.A.E, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Luxembourg, Italy, Liechenstein, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Monaco

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      Ideal to provide different tastes of our island.

    A bottle of coffee flavoured rum made from carefully selected sugar canes of ‘La Plantation de St.Aubin’ and traditionally distilled to provide a rum of exceptional quality.

    A selection of tea flavours from Bois Chéri to give a unique taste of the island’s tradition of tea cultivation.

    Cubes of raw brown sugar from the sugarcane fields of St. Aubin: secret keepers of a world of fragrances waiting to melt into a tropical warm flavour.

    Colimix Café holds the promise of a myriad of sensations to enchant your senses.
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